7 Reasons 2015 will probably be awesome

1) it comes after 2014
2014 was a fantastic year, both in running and the rest of life. I had great races, met and got to know lots of awesome people (runners especially, see reason 5, but also some cool non-runners too!), traveled a lot, got to spend time with almost every person I care about across the world, and stayed healthy for most of it all. Given this trend, 2015 should be a spectacular year!

2)I’m getting older
As odd as it sounds, I’m currently enjoying the aging process, particularly the emotional part wherein I become smarter and wiser and calmer and overall a better human with each passing year. I’m looking forward to applying my growing sageness to trials at work, at home, and on the run. Also, now that I have wrinkles and get grumpy with less than 6 hours of sleep, I’m more motivated to wear sunscreen, take naps, and generally just take care of myself.

3) I’ll have more time for adventures
Just after Christmas I got informed that for the first few months of the year, my hours at the pub would be cut back pretty heavily. While not unusual for thus time of year, I’d been making enough money with this second job to put a big dent in my student loans & have a few fun weekends away, so I was bummed. Then I realized my lack of Friday and Saturday night work meant Id have way more time and energy to explore the trails and ski close to home! No more sleeping on Saturday until 11 just to get a solid nights rest- I could get up early and go play in the mountains every weekend if I wanted. That’s worth at least a few hundred dollars a month. I’ll also have more vacation time than ever this year, while still getting paid, thanks to the awesome school year calendar that gives a week off in Feb and another one in April, before 10 glorious weeks to run and explore in summer.

4) I’m running with a plan
After a good season of running, I was reflecting on how to improve in the new year and realized I had no real clue what I was doing in training. Yes, I built up long runs and tried to do hills but totally lacked the ability to plan out my training over a few month period. I started to look at training plans, coaching services, etc but found it all a little overwhelming. Then over Thanksgiving I went on a run with an old training partner, the person I probably run more miles with than anyone else in life, who also happens to be starting a coaching business! Lucky me! Tricia knows me, my running habits and mentalities, and she’s tough! Two weeks in and I already can tell it’s going to be a great partnership 🙂

5)I’m part of an incredible community
Last year I got to meet and get to know some awesome people in the running community- the Rainshadow crew, the Seven Hills staff, plus so many various and inspirational people during races and at finish lines. I was also blessed to be offered a sponsored position on Team 7 Hills. What this means for 2015 is I’ll be able to race more frequently, spend more time hanging out and volunteering, more time training with great runners, and have access to a wealth of knowledge and wisdom and humor that I wouldn’t get if I were plugging along solo.

6) I get to share my love of running
If all goes according to plan, I’ll be one of the coaches for the Shorewood Cross country team for the 2015 season. It will be a great chance to spread the gospel of running, hopefully inspire some kids to get out in the woods, and give some hope to those at the middle of the pack that a 9:00 pace can be impressive.

7) I get to tackle new mountains
Literally and figuratively. One of my biggest running goals is to get at least one new mountain in each month- I know my schedule and admit it won’t be easy, but given the fact I’ll have my choice of weekend days to tackle it, I’m pretty sure I can tackle it. 2015 also offers lots of other mountains: finishing my first year of teaching, running the wonderland trail with my moms, learning how to actually race, and potentially running further than I ever have before. I love a good challenge though, so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be an incredible year.


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