The Purpose: To write about running and traveling and seeing and being. Let’s be honest, runners can never talk enough about running, and while we’re on our great adventure, this is where those musings will find a home too.

Read about the backstory of our trip here: Lucy Goes Wandering: The Backstory

The Author: I am a South Carolina-born, New York-educated, Seattle-based, and currently-world-roaming trail runner. Before fun-employment, I was a bartender, nanny, cross country coach, and high school teacher. I loved all of those jobs and will love doing them again someday, but not right now.

The Title: Growing up, my dad used to make up bedtime stories that involved rip-offs of major fairy tales and children’s stories- Little Green Running Shorts was a heroine character who played wolf-ball with the three little pigs, finding endless ways to trick the big bad wolf into a ball-shaped cage so they could kicking the cage around the meadows in a sadistic derivation of soccer. When I began telling bedtime stories of my own, I created Little Red Running Shorts to honor my dad’s character and weave in the life lessons I’ve learned from running into kid-friendly moral morsels. When searching for a blog name that would convey what I love about running, I thought of the adventures my bedtime story character has, combined with my love of bold running wear, and the name was born.


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